Naturaculture is a company primarily concerned with practicably sustainable environmental management. We are also committed to community education to support our objectives which also concern supporting people to support the natural environment.

With a National focus we specalise in vegetation management with our principle goal being longevity programs for ancient and veteran trees. Our International objective involves vegetation management for the sake of super food production for small communities in developing countries. Though is to also involve supporting communities to care for ancient trees, where possible we will unite the two. As with our national projects our international work is to involve education programs.

Professionally we are Arboriculturalists, being technically and practically capable of managing tree longevity, we extend our understanding of trees into all aspects of sustainable vegetation management. For more on this see Objectives. For a definition on Naturaculture and Arboriculture see Definitions.

Biography on Company Directors

Cassian Humphreys

Cassian Humphreys represents the technical brain behind Naturaculture. He is a certified arborist from Merrist Wood UK 1990-1991 (Equivalent to AQF Cert 4 Arb). His career commenced in horticulture in 1985-1989 and he then went on to work as a tree surgeon in the UK, Germany and Australia. Working as a consulting arborist since 2003, Cassian then qualified to Diploma level (AQF Cert 5 Arb) and is an experienced report writer and tree assessor. Via his articles he sees his interpretation of the biomechanics, structural failure of gum trees and his data on canker rots in gums, as contributing to the Australian Arboricultural profession. As a consultant working largely for the utilities, much of his work has involved appraising whole populations of gum trees throughout SE Qld (2007 to 2012). As a consultant, educator and trainer he has worked in NSW, QLD as well as PNG. His study and interpretation of information relating to the role of plants and fungi in the soil food web is the foundation for his concept of Naturaculture (prompted by the work of Dr Alex Shigo and cemented by the work of Dr. Elaine Ingham). Cassian is now committed to channeling all his service based work through Naturaculture as a means to grow the organisation. He has been guinea-pig to an optimal diet involving super foods for four years, the knowledge acquired he also brings to the company. As well as arboriculture he has experience in security and is a competitor and instructor in Western Martial Arts - Based in Brisbane, Cassian has been a regular contributor for the Australian Arbor Age since 1999. Originally from S.W. Britain he has been living in S.E. QLD for over 25 years. Cassian's CV can be see via this link.


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