Naturaculture as a company is in service to trees and people who support trees. Most trees in urban and rural environments are under significant constraints due to people pressure. These constraints affect and reduce tree life spans dramatically - most trees in the urban/rural environment are already veteranised (damaged as a result of people and development) by the time they are 100 years old - a tenth of a possible lifespan of 1000 years.

Our projects are principally focused on caring for ancient and veteran trees in church grounds and war memorial plantings as there is generally little funding for such trees, even though they directly involve people and tree history. (The fact is however, that we will service any veteran tree we can gain funding for.) Service to us means giving veteranised trees the life spans they deserve (considering what they give us - see Benefits). Based on arboricultural input, (management plans and practice) give us a veteranised tree (with a diminished lifespan) and we will give it decades to hundreds of years of extra life. To us, this is an achievable miracle and is a visionary example of what humanity can do for creation.

The following projects will be on our web site until we have either gained funding or exhausted every avenue in achieving that outcome.

Current Projects

With regard the nutrient cycles we manage ancient trees to world Best Practise (drawing on Soil Food Web science & treatment), with a passion for uniting vegetation managment and humanity Naturaculture embraces SFW science/technology to treat soils in... Click here to read more »

This site has a history as a war memorial monument going back to 1925 and commemorates WWI,... Click here to read more »

The Proposed Canker Syndrome Research Project is founded on  ETS/Energex data collection and a ... Click here to read more »

This site as an Avenue of Honour has a history going back to 1919, when local Yeronga residents (wives and mothers of the fallen soldiers) planted Weeping fig trees and Flame trees in honour of WW1 Australian Yeronga Diggers.

... Click here to read more »

As a professional Arboriculturist Cassian has a personal history with the Historic St Patrick's Church site, having carried out a 1/3 crown reduction on Fig tree 1 Ficus obliqua following a major limb failure 20 years ago. The trees of... Click here to read more »