The Definition of Naturaculture

Natura = Latin for Nature

Naturaculture is Latin for the ‘culture of nature’, just as Arboriculture is Latin for the ‘culture of trees’, and Horticulture the ‘culture of gardens’. Naturaculture is a synthesis of these disciplines, similar to sustainable natural systems’ management as with Permaculture. The variation being Naturaculture is a form of vegetation management based on the generation of natural ecosystems, or the plant and soil food web component thereof. Any human based culture that involves harmonising with the environment as a means to generate benefits (for people and the environment) is actively Naturacultural; the Australian Aborigine Culture pre European settlement era is a classic example.

Nature – two meanings

1.    The material or physical world, especially as surrounding humankind and existing independently of human activities.

2.     An accepted standard of basic morality or behaviour founded on sympathy and fondness for the people of the world.

Therefore the Culture of Nature is twofold –

1.    Our natural environment

2.    Each other

The Definition of Arboriculture

Based on a perceived need for clarity and on an understanding of confusion within our community on what an arborist is we have taken this excerpt from a past Australian Arbor Age article by UK Consulting Arborist (and father of the Arbor-ecology concept) Andrew Cowan - ‘Putting Pruning in Context’


Arborist = Arboriculturalist or Arboriculturist

Arbor = from the Latin for Tree

Arboriculture is interpreted as the cultivation of trees, hence Cultur-al – Cultural-ist or Cultur-ist.

Arboriculturalist or Arboriculturist - is a person who cultivates trees.

Improve, develop, cherish, to care for, are all terms used by the Oxford English Dictionary, to describe Cultivate or Cultivation.

This leads us to the current understanding of the words Arboriculturalist or Arboriculturist, as someone who cherishes and cares for trees.

Arboriculturalist or Arboriculturist - which ever you prefer to use - are words that will always be a mouthful at the best of times, so an abbreviated Arborist, is often used and has been commonly adopted.

We wish to add that many good arborists do also remove trees as part of their service, as well as tree loppers or tree removalists. We also acknowledge that there are times for the sake of risk management and human safety that trees need to be removed, that there are benefits in removing weed trees and recycling trees. We do however advise the public to seriously discern the difference between a good quality arborist and a tree lopper and to take advice from the former, but be aware there are tree loppers that call themselves arborists. For clarity in selecting a good arborist or consultant contact your local arboricultural association, for Queensland contact the QAA via -

By our definition, Naturaculture hearkens to the understanding above as being true to the cause of arboriculture. We maintain that most trees are condemned and removed unnecessarily, because of a lack of knowledge and preference to financial gain. We also recognise that a lack of tree maintenance-based work, leads to the need for arborists to support themselves by primarily doing tree removals. Naturaculture positions itself as an organisation which is true to the tree and to the people who manage them.

For further interest in the arboricultural profession we encourage people to look at aboricultural association web sites, but be cautious of arboricultural forums where information is at best only useful for well educated professional arborists, and at worse is misleading the general public by misrepresenting trees and their care.