Following the development of an educational package on trees by Cassian (2004-current) for vegetation managers, we are in the process of developing a range of simplified short presentations to be made available to the Australian community. 

Based on a partnership with the Queensland Arboricultural Association (QAA - see Our Network) and Naturaculture Cassian has a history of and runs presentations relating to the science behind the tree system. His current course is entitled `Tree Biomechanics an Australian Perspective'. For bookings contact the QAA via 07) 38211488 or, this course is targeted at contractual arborists to assist them make the transition from contractor to tree assessor. Though also serves consulting arborists who have an interest in tree biomechanics, VTA (Visual Tree Assessment) and Australian trees. The course is either run by Cassian or David Gunter (QAA Arb Tech) subject to availability. Naturaculture/QAA also sell the educational resource for tree contractors - The Target Pruning Poster (see below).

As part of his commitment to his personal/professional development as an arborist Cassian has been writing articles on Australian trees since 1999. A keen observer of the body language of trees Cassian has documented a range of phenomena in gum trees not recorded by Australian Arboricultural science, in fairness to the very young Australian Arboricultural profession Australian science has yet to collectively embrace Arboriculture as a scientific discipline.

Though to his knowledge his observations have yet to be openly discussed by his profession thanks to the Australian Arbor Age magazine, there is a published record. When it comes to a good quality standard of report or article writing Cassian sees himself as a work in progress, the 16 reports/articles below being his most recent range from 2008 to current.

Note - many of Cassian's reports and articles where written whilst working on behalf of Australian Utility Companies ETS (Eastern Tree Service) and Energex. The support of these Australian companies has been integral to the development of this documentation. For interest in these publications click on the titles below.

Past Australian Arbor Age articles - original reports/articles