Naturaculture Ltd - not-for-profit 


Company Objectives -

  • To research, develop and implement environmentally sustainable plant production systems for charitable organisations in Australia and overseas.
  • To provide funding for this through professional vegetation management services, sponsorship, government grants, public or private donation (or any source available) in Australia and overseas.

The key focus of our Australian projects involves the culture of veteran and ancient trees in church grounds, memorial plantings, as well as on private and council owned land. This involves arboricultural consultation and project management to achieve greater tree longevity. Part of our contribution to the Australian greater community is to be via involvement in our projects, as well as an educational package to be made available through this website (subject to development).

Our overseas developing countries projects involve the culture of veteran and ancient trees via the financing, education and support of village communities.

We also are committed to establishing plant production systems for the sake of nutrient dense super food production in orphanages.

Though our vision is big, we are committed to the journey and are grateful to be in service for any grass roots project which helps people and trees.