Having only just set up Naturaculture as an organisation we have yet to obtain data on completed Naturaculture projects. However the following past professional projects of Cassian’s are examples of veteran and ancient trees which have either been reported on, or had crown works carried out with respect to their preservation. These works were actioned as a means to achieve sustainability through risk managing and extending tree longevity.

We are highly motivated by the act of extending tree life. Due to non-sustainable tree management practice, almost all urban and most rural trees are having their lifespans reduced in the order of 100's of years. We see it as a miracle when a human (who generally lives for one tenth of a tree’s lifespan) can, in a matter of weeks of their lifespan, extend a tree’s life to the order of decades or hundreds of years. 

When we consider the life in an old tree and the life that the tree supports, we see ourselves as custodians whose job it is to serve creation by working in service to the tree; we achieve this by running tree management projects and educating others to do the same.