As a Vegetation Management Company we are in service to plants and people. From a philosophical perspective we view the planet’s organisms - great and small - as part of an intrinsic whole, with the planet’s ecosystems and the components thereof as all being part of the web of life. Though as tree specialists we may be limited to comprehension of trees and their microbiological associates, we do have a great respect for all life. We recognise with the growth of modern human culture that in many rural and urban environments, fragmentation and displacement of the world’s ecosystems has occurred. Out of respect to the creator or the web of life that connects all, we in Naturaculture refuse to adopt an exclusive approach to vegetation management. Though we endeavour to manage vegetation according to its nature and where possible replicate the ecosystems indigenous to our area of operation, first and foremost we are in service to heritage, veteran and ancient trees. In the same way that we embrace all races in human culture we respect all life forms regardless where they are from and commit to caring for them accordingly. 


  • Arboricultural consultancy and reporting – for tree management. We provide second opinions and are available to mediate in neighbour disputes concerning trees. Note - for Service based work we charge our consultants out at $135 per hour (mid range rate for consulting arborists in S.E. QLD) with 30% going to Naturaculture project development along with revenue generated by membership, sponsorship, donation, and grants. Service based contractual works are project managed and quoted for by us. Naturaculture projects are generally carried out for charities and are financed by revenue generated by us.
  • Tree status assessments involving vitality (health) and biomechanical inspection for the purpose of hazard/risk management and longevity programs.
  • Support system establishment for mechanically constrained veteran trees.
  • Soil remediation for plant production, commonly referenced as Plant Health Care – involving soil compaction relief, and the supply and feeding of plant associate soil microbiology, involving vertical coring, Soil Food Web compost and compost tea application.
  • The supply and establishment of plant materials as a means to construct nutrient beds to support plant growth.
  • The supply and establishment of vegetation communities to support plant production and people communities.
  • The supply and establishment of bridging systems to prevent soil compaction around plant production systems.
  • Tree planting.
  • Project management of contractual operations.