The Proposed Canker Syndrome Research Project is founded on  ETS/Energex data collection and a report developed by Cassian on behalf of the dynamic Energex VTA Program.

The program is responsible for bio-mechanical assessment of trees (to determine the likelihood of tree failure) adjacent to High Voltage on the Energex power line network extending from Brisbane to Tin Can Bay. The program was run for 5 consecutive years prior to its recent 12 month suspension.

As a result of three+ years of data gathered by Cassian for Energex, following the 3rd update report and thanks to support from the Qld Government (principally the Qld Premier Campbell Newman) a leading Australian pathologist is working with Naturaculture as a means to attempt to identify the causal organism with a view to the development of a research project proposal. This concerns a serious disorder affecting gum trees. The disorder currently named Canker Syndrome causes gum tree decline, death and mechanical failure. On behalf of ETS/Energex Cassian has recorded the spread of the disorder from Mt Glorious to sites extending from Brisbane to Gympie. The purpose of the project is to develop a means to manage or control the disorder.

Cankers are caused by fungal and bacterial organisms leading to the death of inner and outer bark causing lesions (wounds) or dead spots which expose sapwood to the environment, perennial cankers such as this infect new wood grown by trees preventing wound closure. In extreme cases (as with Canker Syndrome) ringbarking of gum trees occurs.

Syndrome is a term used to describe a group of symptoms that together are characteristic of a specific disorder, disease or the like.

We are in the process of obtaining futher field data and sourcing grants as a means to fund this proposed project.

To see levitra prezzo a copy of the latest report concerning this project check the following link -

ETS Energex Supplementary Report - Canker Syndrome update 29/8/12

On behalf of the communities likely to be affected by the disorder we are championing a support program to assist the general public with arboricultural management of trees affected by the syndrome.