As a professional Arboriculturist Cassian has a personal history with the Historic St Patrick's Church site, having carried out a 1/3 crown reduction on Fig tree 1 Ficus obliqua following a major limb failure 20 years ago. The trees of the site (as well as the 1882 Church) are heritage listed.

Our proposal with this project involves a refurbishment plan aimed at extending the trees’ life spans. This is to involve a second crown reduction for Fig 1 and for all trees 1-5 to receive vertical composting and have nutrient beds/plant systems established over their root zones. The partners we are intending to work with are Men of The Trees Qld, Catholic Earth Care Australia and a yet to be nominated private Brisbane Arboricultural Company. The grant package we are to pursue is within budget for our proposed work operations.

Due to the numerous stakeholders this project is in process.