This site as an Avenue of Honour has a history going back to 1919, when local Yeronga residents (wives and mothers of the fallen soldiers) planted Weeping fig trees and Flame trees in honour of WW1 Australian Yeronga Diggers.

In service to the local community, we aim to refurbish the avenue and the trees. Our intended work is to involve crown works where necessary, vertical composting, installation of curb and channel to separate lawn verses nutrient bed, installation of bollards/suspended pathways to manage people pressure/enable necessary access routes, nutrient bed refurbishment, tree planting, compatible ground cover establishment and community education. We aim to involve Yeronga Primary and High schools, as a means to reduce people pressure over the trees’ root zones and generate community support. Our goal is to improve the avenue’s longevity. We aim to partner with community groups, and a private arboricultural contractor in association with BCC who manage the site and have recently contributed to the avenue’s well-being.

We are currently assessing grant options.