Glen Lachlan Estate College of Arms - 

With project Vanuatu in mind - we are proud to announce that GLECA an Australian Western Martial Arts School is our first Platinum sponsor, Gleca and Cassian have had a long history at competition level. Gleca have been contracted to run a self defence syllabus for Naturaculture as a means to enable staff to have a security presence. As part of our commitment to sustainability (Environmental, Economic) with our working in the 3rd World Naturaculture takes Security very seriously.

"GLECA has found Cassian to be a man of passionate integrity and truth. We are proud to come alongside Cassian in this new venture and see those values embodied through his work in Vanuatu"

To all land based vegetation managers/carers - general public to professional arboriculturists

We are actively seeking sponsorship, in the form of membership, goods, labour and financial support. For parties inspired by our work we invite you to make contact as well as expressions of interest. We are looking for a core group as part of our network, for organisations and individuals who can share resources in exchange for projects, education and support from us.

For individuals and organisations committed to environmental and humanitarian projects, we aspire to working with you as part of a collective.

To the Australian Arboricultural profession

Naturaculture Ltd is a not-for-profit company, and it is our intention to represent and support our profession and, as stated by leading Consulting Arborist Neville Fay (Tree Work Environmental UK):  ‘As representatives of the tree, Arborists make up the noblest profession on the planet.’

As individuals we in Naturaculture hearken to these words; we make it our goal to put the highest human qualities of integrity, nobility, compassion and trust before worldly gain and intend to be of service in honour to the trees and people of the world. As such, and as a public company representing arboriculture, we wish for our business arrangements to be understood by our profession.

We take on service-based work as a means to grow our company. All sponsored goods, donations, funding, grants and 30% of our service-based work goes into project development and management, from conception to completion.

Regarding our projects, we operate as project managers and aim to contract consulting and contractual arborists (local to our projects) where necessary as a means to achieve service. We wish for it to be understood that we are not in competition with our profession and seek to be in service to trees and people where financial support for `for-profit business’ does not exist.

This means that we develop our own projects and seek our own funding.

Though we commit to being non elitist, as professional arborists we aim to deliver 100% best practice quality service, this means our engaging the best quality arborists we can find in our profession.

We expect that for those who wish to have a working relationship with Naturaculture Ltd that they likewise give 100% to arboricultural best practice. To this end we hope that we can contribute to the collective view of Arborists making up the noblest of professions on earth.

Sponsorship Categories

Platinum - Gold - Silver - Bronze