With regard the nutrient cycles we manage ancient trees to world Best Practise (drawing on Soil Food Web science & treatment), with a passion for uniting vegetation managment and humanity Naturaculture embraces SFW science/technology to treat soils in association with Super-Crops.

Organic food production is a cash cow for the west, though we use our discipline to support 3rd world culture.

We are part of a current team (Naturaculture and an NGO) working toward establishing a sustainable land management project in the Vanuatu Pacific Islands (due to commence late 2017/early 2018).  

Our goal is to establish world best practice sustainable organic plant production systems for the Vanuatu native Nivan community (using a state of the art composting system). To train the Nivan in culturally sustaining those systems, as well as assist them to sell there produce in the global market. 

The purpose being to enable the local population to sustain their own economy by selling their super-crops to western culture for global health care.Vanuatu is an Avatar land, with an Avatar people, local foods yield exceptional nutrient levels in plants that are barely known to science. Vanuatu is a third world country with an unsustainable economy and a limited ability to contribute to the global market. The volcanic nutrient dense soils and capacity to yield great nutrient dense super crops is an inspiration. 

Naturaculture committed to its Not-for-Profit partners is part of a project to help the world. 

Empower the people, empower the environment - achieve sustainability…

In support of a research funding initiative Cassian has established a crowd fund to fund a research project on the Vanuatu Super-Crops...