Naturaculture was originally conceived as an idea by Cassian in the late 90’s and was initially established as a business. However following a life changing prompt by the work of the Angels of East Africa and Sam Childers with the Hollywood movie Machine Gun Preacher, Cassian made the decision to shut down his business plan and step up in service to humanity and the environment from a much broader level with Naturaculture as a not-for-profit.

Being educated and experienced in the management of trees and their growing environments we have an excellent foundation to work with all vegetation types, with trees being the most complex plant to manage. Our approach with trees involves crown management (canopy, branches, and trunk) as a means to retain and risk manage crown structure, as well as soil remediation through super-compost (site specific) delivery as a means to facilitate soil microbiological diversity and therefore plant nutrient absorption.

For longevity (as with any organism) all plants require optimal vitality for sustained biochemical and biomechanical function. The Naturacultural approach involves working with the tree as a system. The focus of our work in Australia is tree centric and is directed on ancient and veteran trees, though applies to trees of all age classes. Advanced age trees as home to numerous organisms are ecosystems in themselves; with right action we humans can extend tree longevity in the order of hundreds of years.

Our work in developing countries is intended to benefit poor communities by supporting people to care for ancient and veteran trees, as well as set up super food plantations to help provide foods with greater nutrient density. The benefits of this are to provide higher nutrition to village communities as well as foods that can potentially be sold – we all know of the growing billion dollar super food industry. Serving orphanages is one of our primary objectives.

Our work involves researching plant production systems, educating people to make informed vegetation management decisions, supplying equipment and machinery to physically make ventures succeed, as well as provide support to maintain projects.

Attached to the following link is a letter Cassian had published in the Australian Arbor Age as a means to gain support for Naturaculture within his profession (Cassian has been a writer of articles concerning trees since 1999). Though the reality of achieving our goal to get to Africa for our first field trip (as a prelude to developing our first project) is beyond a predictable time frame, the letter conveys our reason and commitment. Every journey begins with one courageous step.

Letter to the Australian Arbor Age Published August/September edition 2012.