This site has a history as a war memorial monument going back to 1925 and commemorates WWI, viagra natural para mujeres WWII Korea, Vietnam, Borneo, Malaysia and other campaigns after 1945. The site has an impressive Avenue of Honour of 10 Weeping Fig trees, believed to have been planted soon after WWII in honour of veteran soldiers who fell. The only remaining plaque honours  Cpl W. G. 'Bill' Sawrey of the 9th Infantry Battalion who fell in Bougainville 1944. From an arboricultural perspective this is an exceptional site comprising bonsai-ed veteranised figs with classic signs of adaption based on the extreme growing environment of a hill-top shale-based ridge. In honour of the fallen we are passionate about refurbishing the trees, their soil environment and establishing a long term maintenance plan. We give thanks to Arborist Bernie Keays for his assistance with data collection.

This project is under development, we are planning decompaction relief, vertical composting, horizontal mulching, a cellular confinement system (to manage future people/vehicular pressure), plant system establishment and crown works as a means to extend the trees (current predicted) life-spans in the order of at least 100 years.

The works for this project involve -

  • Aged mulch (composted) 54m load to cover 690m2.
  • Cellular confinement system for dirt road 180m2.
  • Celluler confinement based pathways for pedestrian access points.                
  • Drill rig works for auguring dirt road (for vertical composting under cellular confinement system), plus hand auger for areas off road (total area 670m2 less tree trunks) 670 holes (8cm by 50cm) to auger.
  • Soil Food Web Institute compost for filling augured holes.
  • 27 tonne gravel/rubble for cellular confinement system.
  • Understory planting either side of road 500m2.
  • Scribing/hormone/sphagnum/hessian patch treatment for aerial root production.
  • Fencing for Bush Turkey exclusion.
  • Arborist/climber for major deadwood removal plus aerial root treatment.
  • Cages for prop root protection (plus footings).
  • Bollards (*4).
  • Diggers plaques/bollards (*9).
  • Head consultant site time for project management.

Our overall budget (subject to final adjustments prior to grant application) is $55,708.00

Naturaculture members can obtain a copy of the detailed financial breakdown relating to this project on request.

Having met with Sunshine Coast Regional Council management (22/2/13 - SCRC Cemetery Services & Council Arborist) we are very happy to announce we have the approval for a site meeting to map out the proposed refurbishment area, with council staff excited by our proposal.

Following the development of the attached 1st draft report outlining our plans for State approval, then we will be ready for our grant submission (lodgement date - early 2014).

The report & site plan (a recent Australian Arbor Age article - ref: Lest we Neglect - Education link) can be seen by the link below (members who wish to recieve a copy of the report can do so on request).

The Woombye Avenue of Honour Refurbishment Project Proposal & site report 2013-2014 - 1st Draft